KnitFits This site is dedicated to anything having to do with yarn or fabric. Much like my stash, it is under construction and if I'm lucky, it will never be complete because of all the wonderful new and exciting topics to add! I hope you'll visit often to catch up on what I've been up to.

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Try my trick for determining the perfect setting for the tension dial. (17 Oct 2004)

The Swatch Card Wizard lets you enter swatch information and generates a document suitable for printing on plain paper or large index cards. (11 Sep 2004)

A slipped selvage (PDF, HTML) might be just the technique you're looking for to flatten out those selvage edges. (03 Sep 2004)

A new hair scrunchie for manual single-bed machines... great introduction to shortrow shaping. (15 Aug 2004)

Yet another slipper pattern for manual single-bed knitting machines... but with a little twist: write your own pattern using your actual foot measurements. (05 Aug 2004)

Try this finishing technique for Hiding Yarn Ends. (26 Jul 2004)

Looking for a bind-off method that matches the E-Wrap or Double E-Wrap cast on? Try the Backstitch Bind-Off. (26 Jul 2004)

Interested in receiving e-mail notifications when The Knitting Gauge Converter updates become available? Sign up on the software page. (23 Jul 2004)

Shortly after I learned to weave, I read about using Fibonacci numbers to design stripes and plaids. While I don't believe I'm creativity-challenged, my repetitive designs have always seemed a bit too symmetrical. If you find you have the same tendancy, you may want to try the Fibonacci method. I've used it on several occasions with interesting results. (23 Jul 2004)

Like the e-wrap cast on? You'll love the Double E-Wrap. I find it's both easier and faster, and I believe it creates a nicer edge. (22 Jul 2004)

The Yarn Size Tutorial is a beginner's guide to understanding every thing you should know about measuring yarn. Have you ever wondered what WPI is and how you can apply it to your knitting? Or been confused by the different yarn labels used by different manufacturers? Or buy the required amount of a substitute yarn because it looked to be the same size and run out before you finished your project? This article will probably tell you more than you ever wanted to know about yarn weights, the yarn count system, tools of the trade and more. (22 Jul 2004)

The Knitting Gauge Converter is a simple Windows program that will help you convert the number of stitches or rows in one gauge to the appropriate number of stitches or rows in another gauge. (22 Jul 2004)

The Knitting Gauge Tutorial is a beginner's guide to making swatches and doing gauge calculations and convertions. (22 Jul 2004)

The Bond Video Club Digital Edition is a set of CD's containing technique videos for Bond users. You can download them free of charge. Before doing so, please read the rules and FAQ. (22 Jul 2004)

This site!!! It was born Wednesday, July 22, 2004 when I needed a quick way to distribute some free software I wrote. (22 Jul 2004)

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