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Welcome to the download page for the Bond Video Club CD's!

System Requirements

  • RealPlayer (available from
  • Windows 9x, Windows 2000 or Windows XP. I assume that Windows 7 is OK, but I've never tried it. According to their web site, Mac OS X, 8 & 9 are also supported.
  • Reasonably powered PentiumII (400Mhz), Pentium MMX (200Mhz) or Mac (233Mhz)

Please note the following:

  • If your CD-ROM is configured to autolaunch, you will be able to launch the videos from Internet Explorer 4.x or later. If your default browser is Netscape running on Windows XP, launch may not work. This is not a problem with the CD's, but an incompatibility between the Netscape and IE plugins. If you have trouble launching the videos from your browser, you can manually launch them from Windows Explorer.

Downloading the videos

Before starting your download, please take time to review the FAQ for important information about video quality. These files are very large and will take a considerable amount of time to download depending on the currently available bandwidth and the speed of your Internet connection.

NOTICE: November 7, 2010: The videos are now being hosted on Google Docs. Because of the large file sizes, most of the files cannot be automatically scanned by Google Docs for viruses or malware. When you click on a link to download a file, Google will notify you if that is the case. If you are worried about malware, you should download the files from another source. However, these are the same files people have been downloading from my web server without any issues.

Please let me know if you have trouble with any of the files or new links.

Estimated time to download
(Hosted on Google Docs)
Size (bytes) 320kb 680kb

Bond Video Club CD Volumn 1 570,440,341 3:57:41 1:51:51
Introduction 5,177,601 0:02:09 0:01:01
ISM Infomercial 75,502,478 0:31:28 0:14:48
USM Infomercial 75,316,886 0:31:23 0:14:46
ISM Instructional Video 77,854,362 0:32:26 0:15:16
Miscellaneous Machine Techniques Part 1 168,413,596 1:10:10 0:33:01
Miscellaneous Machine Techniques Part 2 171,431,215 1:11:26 0:33:37

Bond Video Club CD Volumn 2 618,250,592 4:17:36 2:01:14
Machine Techniques 65,784,707 0:27:25 0:12:54
Intarsia 42,555,562 0:17:44 0:08:21
Entrelac 219,977,232 1:31:39 0:43:08
Off-Machine Techniques 63,969,996 0:26:39 0:12:33
Handknitting Basics 225,454,535 1:33:56 0:44:12

Bond Video Club CD Volumn 3 509,012,875 3:32:05 1:39:48
Plaid & More 285,404,912 1:58:55 0:55:58
Christmas Stocking 226,273,247 1:34:17 0:44:22

Bond Video Club CD Volumn 4 26,366,023 0:10:59 0:05:10
Crochet Cast On 10,825,651 0:04:31 0:02:07
Finding the Edge 5,184,992 0:02:10 0:01:01
Sew As You Go 3,535,662 0:01:28 0:00:42
Weaving In The Ends 7,459,534 0:03:06 0:01:28

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