KnitFits Double E-Wrap

Getting ready to double e-wrap

Position the unthreaded carriage to the right end of the needle bed.

Pull the required number of needles to HP and open all latches.

Bond users should hang the hem with weights before continuing.

Place a clothes pin on the end of the yarn and use your left hand to dangle the yarn between the 1st and 2nd needles on the left; the clothes pin should be 6-8" below the needle bed and your left hand should be an inch or so above the needles.

Wrapping the 1st needle

Hold the clothes pin steady with your right hand as you carry the yarn in your left hand to the left above the 1st needle and behind the latch. You should now be able to release the clothes pin and steady the yarn with your left hand.

Carry the yarn back to the right under the 1st and 2nd needles. Don't worry too much if the yarn slips a little, but you must hold it firmly in your left hand to keep the clothes pin from dropping to the floor.

As you use your left hand to carry the yarn once again to the left over the 1st needle, use your right hand to pull back on the 1st needle, catching the yarn in your left hand in the open latch. The 1st needle should contain a large two-needle loop behind the latch and the working end of the yarn in the latch. Continue to pull back on the needle until the yarn in the latch knits through the loop and the needle is back in normal WP.

Wrapping the rest of the needles across the bed

Carry the yarn to the right under the two left most needles.

Carry the yarn back to the left over the two left most needles, pulling back on the first needle, catching the yarn in the open latch and pulling back some more until the yarn in the latch knits through the loop behind the latch.

Repeat the instructions in this section across the rest of the needles.

Knitting the first row

Thread the carriage according to the procedures for your machine.

Non-Bond users should hang weights.

Slowly move the carriage from right to left to knit the first row.


If you find the first row is difficult to knit, you've probably wrapped the needles too tightly -- try pulling back further on each needle as you knit them back during the cast-on. Even Bond users should find it relatively easy to knit the first row with the carriage.

These instructions may feel awkward if you're left-handed. Try reversing everything and wrapping from right to left.

If you don't end up with nice consistent stitches on all the needles, make sure you're not accidentally catching some of your large two-needle loops in the latches. The loops are always behind the latch and the working end of the yarn is caught in the latch of the end needle just before you knit the needle back to WP.

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