In my opinion, there are four kinds of web sites that warrant book marks: sites where you can buy things like yarn, tools and supplies; sites where you get free things, usually patterns; sites that have lots of useful reference information; and sites that you visit over and over because the content is constantly evolving and you learn something every time you go there.

Web pages that list links for knitting sites have been done to death… but I have a couple of favorites that deserve being listed again. I use them so much I have a special bookmark folder so I can find them quickly. I hope you’ll find them equally as useful.

I’m not even going to try to describe these sites. I wouldn’t come close to doing them justice and would hate for you to skip over one because my description was inadequate. If you want to see what’s on a particular site, you’ll just have to click.

The Copyright FAQ For Knitters

Fabric University

Yarn Thickness and Counts

Knitting, Spinning, Weaving, Machine Knitting, Crocheting & Felting Articles

Measurement Conversion Chart

Yarns By Weight

Knitter’s Edge

Errata Sheet For Susan Guagliumi’s Hand-Manipulated Stitches

The Knitting Universe

The Magic Formula

The Knitting Fiend

How To Make A Duct Tape Dummy

Size and Measurement Charts

Knitting 101 A Beginners Resource Guide — Many thanks to my young friends at The Elm Grove Area Community Services Center for suggesting this great resource!

How To Sew A Couch Stitch And More — Another shout-out to W. B. Goodwin Community Center for finding this one.